Sunday 17 February 2013

Compost holes

One of our projects is about improving the soil in the meadow closest to the house. The meadow is depleted of nutrients and organic material after centuries of grazing and cutting down the trees.  AJ's advice was that we dig big holes and fill them with cardboard, wood, branches, sticks, manure and hay. So a couple of weeks ago our neighbour was here and dug 5 big holes on the meadow with his excavator. The grocery stores in Vilhelmina gave us plenty of cardboard, the riding school donated their manure and a farmer in Nästansjö gave us as many old silage bundles as we could take. Heavy material, but we have managed to get it here and partly filled the holes. 

Saturday 16 February 2013

Learning Centre - Why?

Welcome to Heligfjäll!

We have created this blog because we want to describe the development at the Learning Centre which we have called Heligfjäll Eko System. The blog will be about our soul's progression and also how the nature around us changes and recover. It will be a channel to connect with anyone who desires to be more loving in their life and also with those who want to develop a relationship with God. Our future vision is that many people will come here and take part in creating this beautiful paradise. Not because you want to help us, but just because it feels fantastic! Most important is that everyone has a longing to create something special here on Earth. How we feel about the Earth as being God's creation, and how we could create something that brings it closer to the pristine condition. My feeling is that God's Way of Love is a method that exceeds organic farming. And it is not enough to develop the right quality of soil, compost or water. Most important is how much love there is in the soul of us who are the caretakers of this piece of land and also your soul condition if you chose to visit us.
We live our passion, trying to do this with the belief that our growing relationship with God and our development in love will influence the flora and the fauna and even the weather and climate more than organic methods would ever do.