Thursday 28 November 2013

Creation and Evolution

Today I wanted to update this post according to some new information I got when listening to Jesus: I realize that God not only watches but - of course - continuously pours more Love into the system, into everything in Her creation. And this is what makes the real changes, including evolution, come true!

I was thinking about the human race and the historical background of the human being.

It all began when I was visiting a friend and we discussed at what indoor temperature we feel comfortable. My feeling is that it has to do with the amount of fear we carry with us. So when we have released some fear we will be comfortable and warm even if it's only +15C indoors or even less.
My friend said that humankind has evolved from Africa so it would be natural that we want quite warm surroundings. Both perspectives interested me a lot.

When driving home the question about humankind's history came back to me. And I received some information from my friends in the spirit world. This is what came to me:

God is the Creator of everything inside and outside the universe. God creates potential for Her creations to grow into and to fulfil. It is like God giving everything too big clothes which includes space to grow, although I feel it is not really "too big" clothes, but rather a very comfortable outfit that grows together with the creation. For God time is no issue as there is an eternity to play with. So God created the process of evolution for the creations to grow and fulfil their potentiality. And it is the Love that God gives Her creations that make them grow!

And God is really happy about that, seeing her creations grow in beauty and capacity! It is like a parent joyfully watching her children taking their first steps, singing their first song and saying the first words!

The human being's history began 4-5 million years ago, maybe in Africa. The physical body and the spiritual body (?) had developed from earlier animals and now there is an animal who can walk on two legs. God continues - through Her Love - to fulfil the potentiality for this animal through the development of certain skills like the ability to make and use tools, to create artwork and so on.

God always Loves while watching with great joy how this very special creation develops into a more and more perfect being. Then the day comes when man is created. The animal body is now perfected as far as it is possible for the physical parts alone. It has now become a vessel for something more. So God plants the first souls into the physical bodies. (Read Padgett Messages, part II from Aman and Amon)

The soul is like an enormously advanced software that gives the physical and spiritual bodies much greater potentiality. The soul is from God and it is of God, meaning that the human being is actually God's own child. And the soul can make the bodies develop further, maybe infinitely.

To me this feels like a logic explanation about the creation of man on our planet earth. So far scientists have discovered a lot about evolution, but the questions about man are still unresolved.

My fantasy made me look around and watch nature. Could it be that God always creates potentiality "only" and then watches with joy how the creation grows. Who knows what a tree, a plant or an animal have within them? Probably a great potentiality!

Friday 8 November 2013

Notes About Control and the Law of Attraction

First snow

I am getting in touch with some of my deeper fears now. During the night one of them surfaced. It is about control. I have a very strong addiction to be in control. The underlying fear is that something will go wrong and that I will be hurt in some way.

The last days things don't go MY way. I am loosing control! This tells me that something unloving is going on within me and my soul is pulling events towards me to show me this.

First it was the internet connection. Now and then it goes down, and I have to reset the modem. I have also noticed that when it is time to pay all the bills for the month, then suddenly the internet is even more difficult to persuade to participate with me.

Yesterday I found two bills that were really urgent to take care of.
The internet went down.
I restarted the modem.
The internet was extremely slow.
So I restarted the modem again.
No noticeable improvement...
I called the customer care help desk to find out whether it was their fault. Now I needed someone to blame and someone to fix it for me.
So I got some updating files that should speed up the internet connection for me.
But my internet was so slow that it couldn't open the files ... (now it's almost getting funny ...)

And at last I realized that it has to be within me that something is unresolved.
First I was angry.. I don't want to handle the bills, I don't want to do it myself, I feel exploited
Then at last the sadness came to me.
Sadness about wanting someone to help me, to care for me... a feeling of exhaustion about always having to take care of everything and of trying to be in control.
I cried, just for a little while.

10 minutes later the internet worked perfectly without me doing anything. And the bills were paid.

This event was about control and of not being in control. It was of course also about God's Law of Attraction and how wonderfully it works.

It is so very loving to understand that when my soul lets go of something painful, then suddenly everything gets less painful around me.

It is also so loving that letting go of control makes things go more smoothly. It is really wonderful to realize that the whole world becomes a more loving place when I stop controlling it! Anyone surprised about this?

I feel so grateful that I now and then may experience how Loving God is. That God is good, really Good. And that the Laws are Good too. Thank you God for being there - always, showing me - always.

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Eva innerst inne

I wanted to write a poem today, and I ask for your understanding as it will have to be in Swedish. It is about finding some parts of my true self, whom I call "Eva innerst inne". This is a Swedish expression meaning "deeply felt into my own soul". The expression is very poetic in Swedish and unfortunately I haven't found a translation that gives it the right tonality.

Idag fann jag dig, Eva innerst inne
du kom som en tyngd inom mig
men sakta ändrade du form
och blev någon som jag höll i min famn
på min vänstra sida
Du var hårt lindad i grå skurduk
Du kändes som död
och det fanns en stor sorg inuti det gråa
Så jag stod där hållandes dig
Eva innerst inne
Och långsamt märkte jag att kanske ändå
var du inte helt och hållet död
det fanns lite färg, lite doft
Sakta blev du en baby
insvept i en grå mjuk filt
som jag höll i min famn
Nu är du med mig hela tiden
omfamnad är du av mina armar
så jag kan bära dig närmast hjärtat utan ansträngning
Och du blir mer och mer levande
Eva innerst inne

Friday 18 October 2013

Too good to be true...

I was reading The Life Elysian 1). There was a conversation between Aphraar and Vaone.

Aphraar is wondering why he was left alone on the slope when arriving into the spirit world, why he wasn't carried away to a reception home for a sleep.

Vaone explains that there are so many ways to be received when passing into the spirit world, and the method applied in each case depends on the condition of the person arriving. She asks him "- can you imagine how it might have been better arranged?"

Aphraar answers "- No!... It is the confusing perfection and considerate adaptability of everything that perplexes me. It is too good. I am not worthy of it..."

Now here comes the magic reply from Vaone "- Perhaps it is too good, but it must always be so because it is of God".

This conversation went straight into my heart and suddenly I could see and feel God around me more clearly. So many times have I thought that "this is too good, it can't be true, there must be something wrong, maybe some malicious spirit is bribing me.." and so on.

Now I can see that this is God. And God is so much "gooder" than I could ever comprehend. That is how it can happen that things fall into place in an effortless way, that my desires are being fulfilled beyond expectation, that the place where my fears and my grief slowly trickles out of me is the most enchanting and beautiful place I could ever dream of.

It is Good. And it is also True. Because it is of God.

Wow, just amazing - no words left!

1) The Life Elysian - This is Heaven by Robert James Lees. Aphraar's Soul Journey in Heaven vol.II

Thursday 17 October 2013

Spruces and weeds

During the permaculture workshop we talked about many different matters. One was about the trees that grow in the forest here in the Northern hemisphere. It is a forest of spruces.

 In open areas, like meadows and clear cuts, the birch is the pioneer tree.
It is the first tree everywhere. After the birch has established itself the next ones start to grow, those are the ones who need some protection and support, like rowans and willows.
Then the spruce can find a home. As the spruces grow larger the forest gets darker, and in the end only the spruce can survive and thrive as it is the only tree that enjoys this darkness. So people together with science agree, if humans did not intervene there would only be spruce growing everywhere.

To me this does not feel like a forest as God created it to be. My feelings about God and the beautiful creations on this planet made me wonder why it would be like this, lacking beauty and diversity.

So pondering about this I asked my spirit guides about the matter. The answer I got was short (this depends on me as I am taking my first steps with mediumship) and said: "The spruce thrives in the dark, but there is more than the apparent physical darkness in the forest. There is a spiritual darkness in the area and in the world as a whole which has a great impact on nature. When the caretakers soul progresses towards God and pain is released then love grows in the soul. More of God's Love can come into the soul and the soul gets lighter, and this light will be reflected in the nature around us. So naturally there will grow beautiful forests with great diversity in time as this spiritual change takes place."

Wow, this seemed so logical and loving and so wonderful, so typical the Loving God as I have come to know Her!

Another issue was also discussed during the workshop. It is about weeding, about pulling out weeds from your garden, creating a more "clean and empty" soil around the veggies and flowers you want to grow and care for as favourites. When reading AJ's document Creating Loving Eco Systems I realize that this is about fear.
Some years ago I read Anastasia's teachings with great interest. Anastasia recommends Vladimir Megré not to pull out the weeds as they provide both protection and information to other plants.

So again I directed my question to my spirit guides, - this time about weeds, and received the immediate reply that problems with weeds are also related to my souls condition. My fears about being invaded, fears about not getting enough, not getting what I want and also that I prefer some plants before others - all of this is out of harmony with love and truth as God sees and defines it. So when I clear away these emotions from my soul, the so called weeds will thrive in perfect harmony with my strawberries!

Monday 14 October 2013

Great people make great workshop!

Last week we enjoyed a permaculture workshop together with Josef and Richard from the Krameterhof in Austria. I would like to thank them and also every one of you who took part for your enthusiasm and energy, it was really an amazing experience, exceeding all of our expectations!

The result with 2 ponds, 3 terrace gardens, micro climate planning, grafting and building a hugelkultur (or raised bed) was terrific!

Creating the Hugelkultur
  Building a raised bed as a Hugelkultur the Krameterhof-way.

Begin by digging a hole in the ground, not too deep 20-30 cm was ok. Put the turf to the side. Sort out stones from soil. Collect material like dead wood and leaves from the forest which contains plenty of living micro-organisms. Dry grass, silage, manure, branches from earlier cut down trees, cardboard etc. 
Satisfying result!
Start with the branches, the ones of dead wood and the leaves from the forest, then the turf with grass down covered with cardboard. Then layer after layer with hay, silage, manure, more branches. Cover the bed with sifted soil where all stones have been taken out and hay or silage on the top. This bed will now be perfect for planting vegetables next spring!

Rowans in the fruit orchard
  We learnt that the quickest way to get fruit trees up and running, or maybe I should say up and blooming, is to graft the sorts we choose on to existing rowans (Sorbus aucuparia, Eberesche). This will work very well with pears and apples. Luckily we have plenty of rowans on the property for this experiment. 

Outlining a big pond
Our vision is a land of paradise, with little lakes that offer habitats for microscopic little creatures as well as for small fish, crayfish, frogs and other amphibians. Birds and other animals will love it too.

This will be Garden no 2 with a micro-climate stone wall

The terrace gardens will make it possible to develop rich, living soil and to grow all the vegetables we could possibly need.
Microclimates will be created with stone walls and timber walls which store warmth during the day and give it out to the earth and the air at night. Long term physical goal is to become self sufficient.

Old spruce in the protected forest, maybe 400 years!

Our overall vision is to create a loving eco-system in harmony with God's laws and God's Love. The most interesting experiment will be to continue to develop the relationship with God and healing our soul to become more and more loving - and then see what difference this makes to the land around us.

We are making great plans for the property now and we are also preparing for an upcoming seminar with the Krameterhof guys next summer! This seminar will be open for anyone who would like to participate. Registration will be possible later on from the Krameterhof website (

Thursday 3 October 2013

Creating a Loving Eco System with Krameterhof

 This is a very busy week and also very exciting! A dream is coming true when we during next week have the opportunity to greet Josef Andreas Holzer and Richard Mahringer welcome! Josef Andreas is the son of Sepp Holzer from the farm Krameterhof in Austria. Josef Andreas Holzer has taken over the Krameterhof farm and runs seminars there, while Sepp Holzer travels around the world sharing his knowledge and experiences. The Holzer family has created an amazing permaculture landscape in a rough climate 1200-1500 meters above sea level. This is very interesting for us at Heligfjäll as we also have a rough climate, situated close to the North polar circle 600 meters above sea level. The upside are the very long daylight hours during summer!

Please see for more information. Some of their books are translated from German to English.

This will be the first time we have them here, - and to be able to absorb the workshop ourselves, we have decided to run this as an internal project with just a couple of local participants. (As we've just had a cancellation there is still room for 1-2 persons to make a quick decision and join in!)
Our vision is to run these workshops ourselves and to create a wonderful "garden" here according to God's laws and from what we can learn from the Holzer family. Our plan is to run the next workshop the coming summer 2014 and then with the possibility to receive many more participants.

Fruit garden to be with beautiful view

Here is a link to our vision for Heligfjäll Eko System and prerequisites for the workshop:
In English
and in Swedish

And here is a link to the schedule for the week:
In English
and in Swedish
Never saw a vertical rainbow before!

Sunday 17 February 2013

Compost holes

One of our projects is about improving the soil in the meadow closest to the house. The meadow is depleted of nutrients and organic material after centuries of grazing and cutting down the trees.  AJ's advice was that we dig big holes and fill them with cardboard, wood, branches, sticks, manure and hay. So a couple of weeks ago our neighbour was here and dug 5 big holes on the meadow with his excavator. The grocery stores in Vilhelmina gave us plenty of cardboard, the riding school donated their manure and a farmer in Nästansjö gave us as many old silage bundles as we could take. Heavy material, but we have managed to get it here and partly filled the holes. 

Saturday 16 February 2013

Learning Centre - Why?

Welcome to Heligfjäll!

We have created this blog because we want to describe the development at the Learning Centre which we have called Heligfjäll Eko System. The blog will be about our soul's progression and also how the nature around us changes and recover. It will be a channel to connect with anyone who desires to be more loving in their life and also with those who want to develop a relationship with God. Our future vision is that many people will come here and take part in creating this beautiful paradise. Not because you want to help us, but just because it feels fantastic! Most important is that everyone has a longing to create something special here on Earth. How we feel about the Earth as being God's creation, and how we could create something that brings it closer to the pristine condition. My feeling is that God's Way of Love is a method that exceeds organic farming. And it is not enough to develop the right quality of soil, compost or water. Most important is how much love there is in the soul of us who are the caretakers of this piece of land and also your soul condition if you chose to visit us.
We live our passion, trying to do this with the belief that our growing relationship with God and our development in love will influence the flora and the fauna and even the weather and climate more than organic methods would ever do.

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Trädplantering i oktober

Det här är ett av kalhyggena i skogen. Det är på 30 ha, och har mycket långsamt börjat återhämta sig. Skogen höggs ned för 7 år sedan och nu växer här små björkar, rönnar och granar.
Vi skaffade ca 200 häckplantor, en blandning av 10 olika träd- och busksorter. Plantorna är lönn, lind, oxel, hägg, syrén, vresros, häggmispel, aronia mfl.
Idén var att skapa 20 vackra dungar, var och en med 10 olika träd och buskar, för väbefinnande och till nytta för fåglar, smådjur och människor.
Plantorna levererades under första veckan i oktober 2012, och planteringen pågick under 2 veckor. Och dagen efter planteringen var avslutad så började det snöa!
Visionen är att den tidigare kalhuggna ytan är grön och lummig, fylld med vackra träd och blommande syrener och rosor!