Thursday 28 November 2013

Creation and Evolution

Today I wanted to update this post according to some new information I got when listening to Jesus: I realize that God not only watches but - of course - continuously pours more Love into the system, into everything in Her creation. And this is what makes the real changes, including evolution, come true!

I was thinking about the human race and the historical background of the human being.

It all began when I was visiting a friend and we discussed at what indoor temperature we feel comfortable. My feeling is that it has to do with the amount of fear we carry with us. So when we have released some fear we will be comfortable and warm even if it's only +15C indoors or even less.
My friend said that humankind has evolved from Africa so it would be natural that we want quite warm surroundings. Both perspectives interested me a lot.

When driving home the question about humankind's history came back to me. And I received some information from my friends in the spirit world. This is what came to me:

God is the Creator of everything inside and outside the universe. God creates potential for Her creations to grow into and to fulfil. It is like God giving everything too big clothes which includes space to grow, although I feel it is not really "too big" clothes, but rather a very comfortable outfit that grows together with the creation. For God time is no issue as there is an eternity to play with. So God created the process of evolution for the creations to grow and fulfil their potentiality. And it is the Love that God gives Her creations that make them grow!

And God is really happy about that, seeing her creations grow in beauty and capacity! It is like a parent joyfully watching her children taking their first steps, singing their first song and saying the first words!

The human being's history began 4-5 million years ago, maybe in Africa. The physical body and the spiritual body (?) had developed from earlier animals and now there is an animal who can walk on two legs. God continues - through Her Love - to fulfil the potentiality for this animal through the development of certain skills like the ability to make and use tools, to create artwork and so on.

God always Loves while watching with great joy how this very special creation develops into a more and more perfect being. Then the day comes when man is created. The animal body is now perfected as far as it is possible for the physical parts alone. It has now become a vessel for something more. So God plants the first souls into the physical bodies. (Read Padgett Messages, part II from Aman and Amon)

The soul is like an enormously advanced software that gives the physical and spiritual bodies much greater potentiality. The soul is from God and it is of God, meaning that the human being is actually God's own child. And the soul can make the bodies develop further, maybe infinitely.

To me this feels like a logic explanation about the creation of man on our planet earth. So far scientists have discovered a lot about evolution, but the questions about man are still unresolved.

My fantasy made me look around and watch nature. Could it be that God always creates potentiality "only" and then watches with joy how the creation grows. Who knows what a tree, a plant or an animal have within them? Probably a great potentiality!

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