Saturday 22 February 2014

A huge misunderstanding!

 Dear God
I have nourished a huge misunderstanding within me all of my life
I have had a feeling of being an outcast and not being included. That nobody likes and appreciates me
When the Truth is:
There are so many who have given me so much - every day!

If only I can see, if only I can feel the great things that happen around me
The last day I have received love and care from Jesus and Mary, from Paige and Kerry, from Anto and Jane; 
and from Per who calls me "Dumbum" in a very sweet way;
and also from Vann where they are very caring with our food during our stay
 I am being so kindly treated! From all directions!

My repentance will be about my own lack of kindness and loving care towards others; 
that I want to look upon myself as an outcast and constantly demand proof that I am not!
 This has made me into a very angry and demanding woman; 
 and I can never get enough; my inner emptiness can never be filled this way

Dear God, You have shown me that I am wrong in such a Loving way!
And this has happened not by the Law of Attraction making me become an outcast, 
but by embracing me even more
until I can not avoid seeing it any more!
That I am held in the arms of Love

 Dear God,
Please let me get into this today with heartfelt emotions
I can feel that I am being brought closer and closer
to my lack of gratitude and lack of humility; I can feel the regret, remorse, repentance within me
it lies just beneath the surface in my soul
Something big and beautiful will be born from within; a capacity for gratitude and repentance.
A desire go give when I have received so abundantly!
 Amen from Eva