Friday 18 October 2013

Too good to be true...

I was reading The Life Elysian 1). There was a conversation between Aphraar and Vaone.

Aphraar is wondering why he was left alone on the slope when arriving into the spirit world, why he wasn't carried away to a reception home for a sleep.

Vaone explains that there are so many ways to be received when passing into the spirit world, and the method applied in each case depends on the condition of the person arriving. She asks him "- can you imagine how it might have been better arranged?"

Aphraar answers "- No!... It is the confusing perfection and considerate adaptability of everything that perplexes me. It is too good. I am not worthy of it..."

Now here comes the magic reply from Vaone "- Perhaps it is too good, but it must always be so because it is of God".

This conversation went straight into my heart and suddenly I could see and feel God around me more clearly. So many times have I thought that "this is too good, it can't be true, there must be something wrong, maybe some malicious spirit is bribing me.." and so on.

Now I can see that this is God. And God is so much "gooder" than I could ever comprehend. That is how it can happen that things fall into place in an effortless way, that my desires are being fulfilled beyond expectation, that the place where my fears and my grief slowly trickles out of me is the most enchanting and beautiful place I could ever dream of.

It is Good. And it is also True. Because it is of God.

Wow, just amazing - no words left!

1) The Life Elysian - This is Heaven by Robert James Lees. Aphraar's Soul Journey in Heaven vol.II

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