Thursday 17 October 2013

Spruces and weeds

During the permaculture workshop we talked about many different matters. One was about the trees that grow in the forest here in the Northern hemisphere. It is a forest of spruces.

 In open areas, like meadows and clear cuts, the birch is the pioneer tree.
It is the first tree everywhere. After the birch has established itself the next ones start to grow, those are the ones who need some protection and support, like rowans and willows.
Then the spruce can find a home. As the spruces grow larger the forest gets darker, and in the end only the spruce can survive and thrive as it is the only tree that enjoys this darkness. So people together with science agree, if humans did not intervene there would only be spruce growing everywhere.

To me this does not feel like a forest as God created it to be. My feelings about God and the beautiful creations on this planet made me wonder why it would be like this, lacking beauty and diversity.

So pondering about this I asked my spirit guides about the matter. The answer I got was short (this depends on me as I am taking my first steps with mediumship) and said: "The spruce thrives in the dark, but there is more than the apparent physical darkness in the forest. There is a spiritual darkness in the area and in the world as a whole which has a great impact on nature. When the caretakers soul progresses towards God and pain is released then love grows in the soul. More of God's Love can come into the soul and the soul gets lighter, and this light will be reflected in the nature around us. So naturally there will grow beautiful forests with great diversity in time as this spiritual change takes place."

Wow, this seemed so logical and loving and so wonderful, so typical the Loving God as I have come to know Her!

Another issue was also discussed during the workshop. It is about weeding, about pulling out weeds from your garden, creating a more "clean and empty" soil around the veggies and flowers you want to grow and care for as favourites. When reading AJ's document Creating Loving Eco Systems I realize that this is about fear.
Some years ago I read Anastasia's teachings with great interest. Anastasia recommends Vladimir Megré not to pull out the weeds as they provide both protection and information to other plants.

So again I directed my question to my spirit guides, - this time about weeds, and received the immediate reply that problems with weeds are also related to my souls condition. My fears about being invaded, fears about not getting enough, not getting what I want and also that I prefer some plants before others - all of this is out of harmony with love and truth as God sees and defines it. So when I clear away these emotions from my soul, the so called weeds will thrive in perfect harmony with my strawberries!

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