Thursday 3 September 2015

Migration and War and Growing in Love

SVD, photo by Olivie Jobard
On the news every day now it's about the endless numbers of migrants, refugees who enter Europe. They come by boat from Libya, paying 1200 USD for a seat on an overcrowded boat, run by criminal traffickers. More than 2300 men, women and children have drowned on their way over the Mediterranean sea this year. Others come by foot, walking all the way from Syria, through Lebanon, Turkey, then by boat to Greece, walking through the Balkan countries and ending up in chaotic, tragic situations in Hungary or Austria or somewhere else. Currently more than 2,000 persons arrive only in Hungary every day. They come from Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Eritrea and other countries.

Germany will receive 800,000+ migrants this year, Sweden somewhere around 100,000+. Many countries protest, they don't want more migrants, they shut their borders, build fences.

What would the solution be to this problem? What would the loving way be?
To open up the borders for the migrants.
Open up safe ways to travel from the Middel East to Europe so that you don't have to pay traffickers or alternatively walk by foot with small children by your hand.
What about the possibilities to provide for oneself when finally having reached your desired destination and got the permission to stay in Europe? How do we split available workplaces so that everyone who is able has somewhere to go for a job, for an income?
Food, water and shelter free of charge? I have visioned food stores where only a basic range of food is available for free. If you have money, you could get add-ons in other stores. Farmers though, need some income to get seeds and machinery for the following season. That has to be resolved.
Shelter, somewhere to live which is warm, clean, waterproof and provides good space and good hygenic facilities - the way you and I want to live!

And what about the root cause - the violence and war that people are escaping from? How do you communicate with IS (Islamic state - terror organisation who have control over huge areas in Syria and Irak). How do you communicate with the talibans in Afghanistan, with Al-Shabab in Somalia, Boko Haram in Nigeria and others?

It's on the news every day, people talk about it everywhere, some with anger and fear, the majority with compassion and it's in my heart all the time.

For myself I can see that growing in love and truth is the only way. I can also take action to be of help and support, but I won't be able to do GOOD things without healing the ERRORS THAT LIVE IN MY SOUL. So for everyone who cares about the situation on the earth, whatever action you take never stop progressing in love and truth. I have to remind myself to question my intentions all the time, everytime I contact someone or take an action to be of some help. Many, many times I find my own hidden agenda including wanting to feel like a good person, wanting to feel like I'm being responsible, wanting people to be thankful, wanting to be noticed and get people's attention. The list feels endless (although it's not!) and so I'll just keep on working on it.

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